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renegade productions inc.

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ART STUDIOS (312 Main St, Vancouver)
OFFICE (Suite 506 - 402 W. Pender St, Vancouver)
DANCE & THEATRE STUDIOS (8877 Selkirk St, Vancouver)


tunnel and guitar

The Vancouver-based company is one of the largest production facilities of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, with 35 studios in it's 16,000 sq ft central Vancouver location. Head office is downtown, the home of the studio and theatre company management, the Renegade Sounds label, Arpieye Music Publishing & the Renegade Arts Co.

Renegade Broadway is a sprawling complex located at 3030 East Broadway, all on ground level, and includes a full-size theatre production studio and venue, a smaller workshop studio, a Pro-Tools equipped recording studio, 1 concert production studios, a dance studio, 35 music rehearsal, pre-production and programming studios, as well as the Renegade Art Studios.

The Shop, a 2,500 sq ft performance studio complete with lighting and sound equipment and seating for 100 is open for theatre and band rehearsal and production and to audiences seeking black box style theatre experiences. Also housed in the complex is the Renegade Playhouse prop collection, as well as concert, studio & theatre equipment rentals.

In a community that spans the globe, Renegade Productions Inc. plays host to visiting and local bands and theatre companies developing their theatrical, recording, dance, art and concert production endeavours. The company also projects world-wide, with sales of CD's in more than 35 countries, and we play host to clients from the world over. For 33 years Renegade Productions Inc. has continued to grow and expand, providing quality production services to artists and clients. With an open ear, Renegade Productions Inc. invites you to contact us with requests for information, to introduce yourself or your productions, and to see if we can be of any assistance in the goal of producing great art for the world to enjoy.
(604) 685-0435